Chef Vijay’s Culinary Extravaganza


Indulge in the rich tapestry of flavors, aromas, and spices with Chef Vijay’s Model Menu – a celebration of Indian culinary mastery. Each dish is a symphony of authentic spices, carefully crafted to transport you to the heart of India. From traditional favorites to contemporary creations, our Indian Model Menu is a culinary journey that promises to tantalize your taste buds.


1. Paneer Tikka Skewers

  • Succulent cubes of paneer marinated in a blend of yogurt, spices, and herbs, char-grilled to perfection.

2. Samosa Chaat

  • Crispy samosas topped with a medley of chutneys, yogurt, and chaat masala for an explosion of flavors.

3. Chicken Malai Kebabs

  • Tender chicken pieces marinated in a velvety mix of cream, cashew paste, and aromatic spices, skewered and grilled.

Main Courses

4. Butter Chicken

  • Classic butter chicken with tender pieces of chicken simmered in a rich tomato and cream sauce, infused with aromatic spices.

5. Dum Biryani

  • Fragrant basmati rice layered with marinated meat, slow-cooked to perfection, and garnished with fried onions and fresh coriander.

6. Baingan Bharta

  • Smoky roasted eggplant mashed and cooked with tomatoes, onions, and a blend of spices, creating a hearty and flavorful dish.

Vegetarian Delights

7. Palak Paneer

  • Creamy spinach curry with chunks of paneer, seasoned with Indian spices for a wholesome vegetarian delight.

8. Dal Makhani

  • Slow-cooked black lentils and kidney beans in a rich and creamy tomato-based sauce, finished with a dollop of butter.

Breads and Accompaniments

9. Garlic Naan

  • Soft and fluffy naan bread, brushed with garlic butter for an aromatic and delicious accompaniment.

10. Cucumber Raita

  • Refreshing yogurt with cucumber, mint, and roasted cumin, serving as a cooling side dish.


11. Gulab Jamun

  • Deep-fried milk dumplings soaked in a fragrant sugar syrup, creating a delectable and sweet finale.

12. Mango Kulfi

  • Creamy mango-infused kulfi, a traditional Indian frozen dessert, garnished with pistachios for a delightful treat.


13. Masala Chai

  • A comforting blend of tea, spices, and milk, brewed to perfection for an authentic Indian chai experience.

14. Mango Lassi

  • A refreshing yogurt-based drink blended with ripe mangoes, offering a sweet and tangy flavor profile.

Customization and Special Requests

Chef Vijay is dedicated to making your dining experience uniquely yours. If you have specific preferences or dietary requirements, feel free to reach out to us at [your contact information]. Let us customize your Indian culinary journey to create an unforgettable feast for you and your guests.

Savor the Essence of India with Chef Vijay’s Indian Model Menu – where every dish is a tribute to the diversity and richness of Indian cuisine.