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We at Chef Vijay strive to bring the best possible South Indian food. All outdoor catering menus are customized according to the needs of the customer and occasion. We can only price once we have all the details in hand like what’s the menu? Where we are serving? What items are done fresh on the spot? Are we doing a buffet or table service?

A child’s birthday party menu differs to that of a cocktail evening menu which differs from a traditional South Indian wedding menu. To provide you the best of services we have devised sample menus for various occasions which form a guide line to your needs. Understandably this is only a guideline and the customer can choose for a reasonable swap from the main menu.

The rates are applicable for a minimum of 50 people only. Children between 3-8 can be charged half-price. The rates do not include:
1. On-site cooking.
2. Buffet setting/table service.
3. Disposables/chinaware.
4. Travel if the event is outside 10 mile radius.
For parties over 100 we strongly recommend onsite cooking to get the best dining experience. All the above services come with an extra cost decided on where, when and how many guests are you booking for.

Any catering orders for below 50 people, it will be difficult to offer catering menus and may be charged by portion with a reasonable discount.

Even though the menu we offer, revolves around traditional South Indian food with a pick from Andra, Tamilnadu, Kerala & Karnataka we also offer North Indian dishes. Remember it’s not what we offer it is what you need for your guests. Our extended chef’s team can also offer few choices from Italian & Latin American.

Yes, we provide at an extra cost.

Even though it is extremely difficult to strike the correct quantity we always tend to bring little extra quantity on the safer side to avoid uncomfortable circumstances. However we expect our esteemed customers to guide us close to the exact number to make the event a success.

Yes a 30% of the total ensures that the party is 100% confirmed which may be non refundable depending on circumstances.


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