1. Select the menu
(You can do this from choosing the menu from list of dishes we have given on the menu page or we can help you select based your invited guests)
2. Tell us the Venue, date& time and No of expected guests.
3. Decide and tell us Service standards you need for your party

Do You Need
1. Buffet style
2. Table service style
3. Pre-plated service
4. Chefs cooking on site
5. Chinaware or disposables
6. Extra waiters

Table service and pre plated food will need a bit more planning and extra manpower.

When you have a part or all the information give a call to 07904278800 / 01922 629 655 or
E-mail us info@chefvijay.co.uk (fastest way to get the quote)

Please note that the below menus are for minimum of 50 guests. If your party has less than 50 guests please contact us and we will guide you.

Since the cost of ingredients, availability and skill level to make verities for each dish we can only give the cost once we receive the menu.

Please note:
Panner and lamb items will cost more !!!!!!!!
Dosa on the spot might cost more.

Chef UK